NORMAL for a Blue Star Mother

People who don't have children in a war zone cannot fully understand what we go through every second of every day. Our life is no longer what we used to consider normal. Now normal is watching TV news and flipping back and forth between CNN and Fox. Having the radio AND TV on so you don't miss anything. It's reading the paper for any details; it's seeing something in a store that makes you cry, or having someone say, "how are you?" and it brings you to tears. It's checking your email at 2, 4, 5, 6 am just in case....

It's seeing the flag and knowing that is the symbol of America that is sewn on the soldiers' uniforms, the symbol they are making a stand for. It's tying yellow ribbons to anything that will stand still. It's wearing the picture of your son over your heart and you reach up and touch it without even being aware of it. And you pray. And you remember the little boy who you would not even allow to cross the street by himself. And you pray.

That is our "normal." When the soldiers return, they will never be the same. But neither will we. We will have grown and found strength within us that we never knew we had. And we have made the best of friends with others who carry a piece of our heart in theirs.